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EDU 601 Digital Portfolio

HIPPO PowerDoc (Module 5)

This is a PowerDoc meant to be used for primary source evaluation. This would be assigned for homework.

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These are instructions for the HIPPO assignment above.

Gimkit (Module 4)

This Gimkit is based on chapter three of my textbook, which is based on the Protestant Reformation. I plan to use it as a review activity before the test.

Formatives, Interactive PowerPoint (Module 3)

This is meant to be an interactive powerpoint to walk students through reading a primary source. The first few times we would do this together, but eventually I would let them go at “student speed.”

Padlet (Module 2)

Example of a Padlet where students use AI to generate an image of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses in the modern era.

Explanation of PowerDoc

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