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Sunrise at WS Hancock Monument,
East Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg, PA, Summer 2019

Research & Projects

Current Projects

I am currently engaged in multiple projects related to Public History and American history. They center around Civil War history, but my other research interests include the Revolutionary War and American Religious History.

  • “Steven’s Battery: The Greatest Footnote in Naval History”
    • This project attempts to weave together the unknown narrative of Stevens’ Battery, an uncompleted ironclad that was commissioned nearly twenty years before the Civil War began.
    • I hope to get this submitted by the time I finish my MA in Spring 2024.
  • “Telegraphing Failure: The Dismissal of Albert Myer”
    • Albert Myer founded the Signal Corps in 1860 during the American Civil War. He had a rocky history with the Secretary of War that eventually led to his dismissal. I am researching the relationship between him and the Secretary of War.
  • Winfield Scott Hancock Digital Biography
    • 2024 marks the bicentennial of Winfield Scott Hancock’s birth. I want to create a digital biography to showcase Winfield Scott Hancock’s life.
    • I am currently designing the site and recruiting authors. I hope to launch in early 2024.
  • Untitled Jesuit Civil War Chaplain Project(s)
    • Jesuit chaplains have a large untold story from the Civil War, and I want to tell that story.
  • Personas for Living History | These are the people I portray.
  • In-Progress Personas
    • Henry Knox, George Washington’s Chief of Artillery (Revolutionary War)


  • Lincoln Reimagined | Working Group for the 2023 NCPH Conference
    • Nov 2022 – Apr 2023
    • This was a research group focused on retelling the story of Abraham Lincoln in light of current issues.
  • Burtka, Brian. “Montgomery C. Meigs and Fort Wayne.” Military History of the Upper Great Lakes. Michigan Technological University, published October 22, 2017.
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