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Sunrise at WS Hancock Monument,
East Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg, PA, Summer 2019


  • Digital Humanities Text Analysis

    Text analysis calculates statistics for large bodies of text. Then, historians can draw conclusions from these statistics. For this assignment and post, I used Voyant Tools, a free web-based platform, to analyze text from two journals. Another popular word for this process is text-mining. For my analysis, I used the Illinois Catholic Historical Review. Specifically, […]

  • Digital Archive Project

    For this project in my digital humanities class, I designed a digital archive using Omeka S. This software is powerful for generating item collections and digital exhibits (I feel quite adept at it, but also recognize that I have just scratched the surface of it!). I used it to design a digital archive showing Loyola […]

  • Digital History Project Review

    People’s Atlas of Nuclear Colorado. Ed. by Sarah Kanouse and Shiloh Krupar. Reviewed Sep 28, 2023. This is a review of a digital history project for my digital humanities class. It was completed according to the Journal of American History’s regulations. This review is on the People’s Atlas of Nuclear Colorado, a digital exhibit which […]

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